Kris Neufarth Designs
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All throughout my childhood I spent time in or on the water. I found comfort, peace, and adventure on the water. After earning a BFA from Ohio University, I enjoyed creating and teaching art in both Ohio and Virginia. As my life evolved into having a family, my art also evolved and expanded from personal investigations of nature to whimsical children’s creations and interior design pieces. While my paintings vary in degrees of sophistication, my soul and heart is reflected in each work of art.

My paintings and drawings exist both to reflect the content of my heart whether a struggle or a strength. Through my contiuous exploration, I hope to reflect, grace, peace, and happiness in my work. I draw upon experiences from scuba diving, interactions and photos I have taken from nature and the ocean, feelings and emotions captured while spending time outdoors, and spiritual reflections. My paintings always represent far more than meets the eye, the color palette may catch your eye, but the story and content will keep you there.

I am currently teaching Art at Calvary Christian High School in Clearwater, Florida.

Peace to you.....Enjoy...